Street family LoveTalks Baby is a not for profit directly tending to the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of homeless, traumatized, and mentally and physically handicapped people. Starting with the arrival of our mobile crisis unit showing up to cook homemade meals made with fresh ingredients what we call a "Street Family" begins to form. The tents go up, furniture comes out and for a few hours, people living on the streets have a place to call home. Drawn by the smell of food and the inviting atmosphere, people begin to gather and wait. Some pitch in, some grab art supplies or put on music, others settle in to socialize or maybe  watch a movie while Linda and Adam, our street mom and dad, oversee the work, redirect the rambunctious and deal with the various needs and conflicts that inevitably arise when families are at home together.   As we do this, we gain a better understanding of the lives and challenges of the people who we serve, the local services available to them and their unmet needs. We use this information to strategize with them as well as draw in local businesses, government officials, social service agencies and others in the community to support and provide for our street families in ways that the current system is not designed to do. 

All people need and deserve a home with a family who love them in a community that accepts them regardless  of their standing, disability, income, behavioral challenges, health or history. People aren’t made to be thrown away. Everything we do is geared towards being family with those who are vulnerable and in need so that healing, restoration and dignity grow in and among them, from the inside out. We invite comunity, corporate and government partnerships to serve those in need and heal divides between a community and their homeless and vulnerable populations. As part of our mission, we also provide training for those who work with vulnerable populations with a focus on the needs of those who have autism and trauma in order to remove barriers many homeless people encounter when dealing with government and social service agencies. 

What We Offer

  • Fresh cooked meals

  • Charging station

  • Emergency supplies

  • Crisis counseling

  • First Aid

  • Referals for services

  • Nutritional supplements for the elderly and ill

  • Art Supplies

  • Career/job counseling and support

  • Music Quiet space for rest

  • Space for socializing

Our mobile crisis unit is able to go into any area where the people they serve are organically congregating in groups, set-up operations and trigger the formation of a new "Street Family" in the process. Once we pick a location for our unit we will set up each evening from 6pm to 3am. We prepare a homemade meal made with real, fresh ingredients right there on the street for anyone who wants to eat. We do serve donuts, desserts, and the occasional birthday cakes, but we also pass out vitamins to the medically vulnerable and cook with plenty of healing ingredients like garlic, turmeric and ginger on site.  While the family is waiting for dinner to be ready they can make artwork or music, watch movies together, pray, dance and play. We have a first aid station, electronics charging and crisis counseling available on-site for those who need it. We return to that site or others nearby each night and work our Street Family to build systems and opportunities the community needs to become self-sustaining in the process.  You can watch Linda give a tour of our current location in the Old Town neighborhood in Portland where they are serving the members of the homeless community who were left to fend for themselves during the COVID-19 lockdown:

In addition to our mobile crisis unit, we are actively engaged with research intended to develop better tools, methods and information resources for organizations to help homeless people and for homeless people to help themselves. We are working on a prototype of an app specifically designed around the needs of people living in the streets. Once it is ready it will also be made available to the wider public for consumer and educational purposes which will effectively start to bridge the gap between the people we serve and the wider society. We have music, video games and other entertainment in concept development which are specifically designed to meet the needs of this community while also appealing to the broader public. 

If you are interested in learning about volunteer, employment and education opportunities with LoveTalks Baby, please fill out the contact form below and we will be in touch!

"LoveTalks Baby - Where life begins and love never ends!"



Volunteers: LoveTalks Baby currently has in-person volunteer opportunities available in the Portland Or area for volunteers to load/unload equipment, cleaning, shopping. Please indicate what work or skill set you are interested in providing, along with a schedule of your availability and we will contact you to make arrangements. If you would like to be notified if a mobile crisis unit begins operating your area or are interested in starting a mobile crisis unit in your area, please indicate that below as well. Volunteers for administration and IT work can be located anywhere they have access to a computer and the internet. Anyone wishing to work on-site with the mobile crisis unit is required to go through a screening and training process. LoveTalks Baby retains the right to turn away or terminate work with any volunteer at any time for any reason. 


Training/Consulting Requests: We plan to launch training workshops for those who work with vulnerable populations later this summer. If you would like to be contacted when registration opens, please indicate that below. If you would like to discuss Training/Consulting for your organization, company or group please tell us a bit about your group and what your needs are and we'll be in touch. 

Donor Information: If you would like to arrange a donation of goods or services to LoveTalks Baby or one of our Street Families, please describe it below and we will be contact with you to make arrangements. If you represent a business interest, please indicate that so we can provide you with information on our donor marketing programs. Please visit our store for listings of our current needs or to make a cash donation. 

Employment: LoveTalks Baby does not currently have any openings for employment. Please list the position(s) you are interested in and we will contact you when a job becomes available. 

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LoveTalks Baby is a charitable social service organization providing services to homeless, disabled and vulnerable people and training to those who work with them.